Salvation lies in darkness.

The kingdom of Malkavak rots from within, the jaded, privileged elite lording over the helpless serfs and workmen of the land with a callous disregard for life or happiness. The nobility has ever been thus to a degree, but the recent descent into pure debauchery and active torture of the poor is madness. It is time to put an end to the fetid reign of The Ravens. It is time for a new day. It is time for* Justice*.

A radical group of freedom fighters known as The Harvest rises to mete out recompense for all the sins of the high and mighty. Taking as their symbol the Scarecrow, this collection of determined and vengeful men and women vows to make “the crows” pay. Already, their exploits are known throughout the Kingdom, and every noble dreads finding a scarecrow in his courtyard, or hay beneath her pillow – for they know they have been marked. Marked for Harvest – for justice. The Reapers come for them, and no force in the world will stay the hand of fate.

From the Shadows